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We help small businesses, Native Corporations, and rural communities improve efficiency and profitability recognizing that true change takes time and effort.

Small Business

According to the Small Business Administration (SBA) Office of Advocacy’s 2018 Frequently Asked Questions, "About half of all establishments survive five years or longer."

Rural Communities

Forgotten America 2009 reports, "Limited income generating opportunities in small remote rural Alaskan villages require regional/sub-regional hub community development strategies for sustainable economic development."

Native Corporations

Julie Stricker from Alaska Business Magazine ( cites, "

Alaska’s Native Village Corporations create prosperity, opportunity

In recent years, Alaska’s Native village corporations have been making big economic waves in the state. In fiscal year 2016, 22 percent of the total revenue generated by Alaska-based businesses came from village corporations, about $2.7 billion."

Rapid Impact Consulting Services LLC's is based in Juneau, Alaska. Raised in Juneau, the Founder and Senior Consultant is Edwell John Jr. Juneau has a population of 33,000+ people and is the capital of Alaska with a thriving tourism industry.

Rapid Impact Consulting Services LLC

 Juneau, Alaska 99803



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